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Recovering from Fall Farm Tour

The alpacas and their owners are recovering from a fantastic fall farm tour weekend! We had lots of visitors who hand-fed the pacas, took selfies with them, and learned all about these gentle fiber-producing livestock. Naturally, some of the girls and a few boys caused visitors to fall in love with alpacas. Those people are evaluating their properties and fencing for alpacas!
We're in the mood to sell. Call for an appointment to visit and bring your best offers! As Steve says, "They're ALL for sale, Gwen just has to come up with a price..."

Love and Fiber at Alpaca Kingdom
Chillin' at the barn


Full Pronk!


You can enjoy our wide variety of alpacas, in almost every color, in our herd of 37. Looking for pets, fiber artists' friends, or breeding stock? Come look at our selection. Schedule a visit to learn more about alpacas and their fabulous fiber! By appointment, shop our farm store for soft & warm alpaca accessories. Some is made with our own fiber! We focus on US alpaca fiber, made in the US.

If you are checking out the alpaca world in the Kansas City area and are enchanted by a lifestyle in harmony with nature, surrounded by gentle creatures that produce fiber fit for kings and queens, seeing our alpacas will give you a lift!

EXPERIENCED PARTNER- We've bred and raised 3 generations of alpacas so we can help you with all phases of your own program. Alpaca Kingdom is the result of a dream to live on a small acreage. Visit the farm to see all ages and colors. Take photos and see products made from alpaca fiber! Check out our barn and farm layout. We're happy to share what we've learned.

Although our sales list doesn’t show them all, (we'd rather play with alpacas...), our herd of 37 alpacas gives you lots of choices. Please contact us about your specific needs – if we don’t have a great fit we’ll refer you to a friend.

PROVEN SUPER STUDS IN THE MIDWEST- We do have proven studs at economy-friendly prices! See the proof in our herd.
We're showing off the progeny from our newest stud:
MILE HIGH GOLDEN LEGEND'S INCEPTION- with dense, beige crimp. His show boots are well-worn and he's working now. Come see his new daughter!
*INCEPTION'S PEACE LILLY OF ALPACA KINGDOM is a fabulously-fibered daughter born 7/2016*
THE BLACK BARON OF ALPACA KINGDOM has produced outstanding offspring.
• ALPACA KINGDOM CHASE- a gorgeous medium fawn male with dense fiber and a terrific carriage; a show winner
• ZANDERBAR- a regal, coal-black male cria, born fall 2014.
ARK’S T. WILL, our BLACK sire (Reverend Mr. Black/Patagonia black female), has produced black, silver gray and other gorgeous solid colors with soft fiber and long staple length.

Proven success since 2003! Visit Alpaca Kingdom to see what we mean! Members of AOA, MOPACA, AFCNA, NEAFP

WE VALUE EDUCATION AND WILL HELP YOU LEARN PROPER CARE OF YOUR OWN PACAS- We offer one-on-one assistance and recommend private, regional and national education sessions. To prove our dedication to our pacas and appropriate training, we will apply your initial yearly MOPACA membership and education fees to any purchase or stud fees at Alpaca Kingdom.

WE BELIEVE IN PARTICIPATING AND CONTRIBUTING TO THE ALPACA INDUSTRY- Alpaca Kingdom’s owner, Gwen, is on the board of AFCNA, has been on the national AOBA Education Committee, the Affiliate Congress, AOBA Fiber to Fashion Student Design Competition Committee, MOPACA Education Committee and former board member and was a founding organizer for The Alpac

1.5% financing over 2 years on purchases $5,000 and under; negotiated financing on longer terms and/or amounts.