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We're stocked with accessories & gift items made with our own alpacas' fiber as well as other North American alpacas. We specialize in alpaca raised & made in the USA! Additionally, items selected from the highest quality Peruvian imports, destined for high fashion houses, expand our luxury goods. Too many items for photos, so call or email for details.
Wrist warmers, gloves, mittens, scarves from chunky to feather-weight, the BEST SOCKS, insoles, and jewelry made with our own fiber!

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Alpaca Kingdom is the result of a dream for a lifestyle on ,a small acreage in harmony with nature, surrounded by gentle creatures that produce fiber fit for kings and queens.

If you missed our Open Farm Days in Oct., you can still shop the alpaca farm store by appointment. We specialize in quality products from our own & other North American fiber made right here in the USA. You’ll enjoy trying on and cuddling in our fabulous gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, socks and blankets. Yarn from our alpacas is luscious! We carry a limited line of Peruvian garments aimed at the higher fashion European market.
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Looking for seriously superior genetic breeding stock, or pets and fiber artists' friends? Come look at our selection. You can enjoy our wide variety of alpacas in many colors and ages, in our herd of 25. Schedule a private visit to learn more in-depth about raising alpacas, setting up an efficient farm, and processing their fabulous fiber. You’ll find an experienced mentor here to help you.

EXPERIENCED PARTNER- Founded with six pregnant females in 2001, we've bred and raised 3 generations of alpacas so we can help you with all phases of your own program. Since it takes 11.5 months to produce a cria (baby), and we don’t breed our girls until age 2, it takes a while to breed a generation! Genetic improvement can be a relatively slow and steady process (unless you win LOTTO) and we are very proud of our latest crias! You can benefit from our investment in years of education. We're happy to share what we've learned.

Although our sales list doesn’t show them all, (we'd rather play with alpacas...), our herd of 25 alpacas gives you lots of choices. Please contact us about your specific needs – if we don’t have a great fit we’ll refer you to a friend.

PROVEN SUPER STUDS IN THE MIDWEST- We do have proven studs at economy-friendly prices! See the proof in our herd.
We're showing off the progeny from our newest stud:
MILE HIGH GOLDEN LEGEND'S INCEPTION- with dense, beige crimp. His show boots are well-worn and he's working now. Come see his new daughter!
*INCEPTION'S PEACE LILLY OF ALPACA KINGDOM is a fabulously-fibered daughter born 7/2016*
THE BLACK BARON OF ALPACA KINGDOM has produced outstanding offspring.
• ALPACA KINGDOM CHASE- a gorgeous medium fawn male with dense fiber and a terrific carriage; a show winner
• ZANDERBAR- a regal, coal-black male cria, born fall 2014.
ARK’S T. WILL, our BLACK sire (Reverend Mr. Black/Patagonia black female), has produced black, silver gray and other gorgeous solid colors with soft fiber and long staple length.

WE VALUE EDUCATION AND WILL HELP YOU LEARN PROPER CARE OF YOUR OWN PACAS- We offer one-on-one assistance and recommend private, regional and national educa

1.5% financing over 2 years on purchases $5,000 and under; negotiated financing on longer terms and/or amounts.