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Size: 7-9, 9-11, 11-13, 13-15
Color: Dark brownish gray natural alpaca w/black

The Mercedes of Alpaca Socks!

Extreme Alpaca Socks - Crew Length Reg.

Price: $28.00

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Product Specs

  • North American Alpaca from ALPACA KINGDOM and farms like us
  • The right mix of nylon & elastic for proper fit
  • Often copied but never compared to these
  • Made here in the U.S.

Product Description

Yes, this is THE ALPACA SOCK everyone tries to copy! The original Alpaca Fiber Coop of North America (AFCNA) sock developed right here in the U.S. using fiber from alpacas raised in North America, including ALPACA KINGDOM ALPACAS.

Alpaca Kingdom alpacas are proud to sell these socks. Gwen has 7 year old Extreme socks that are ready for Winter again. They've all been worn 3 days a week each (with overnight lounging on the towel rack) before washing with no odor problem. Sweat doesn't hang around skin in alpaca socks. These keep one warm and cozy no matter the weather. Some of my customers (including diabetics and sports enthusiasts) wear them summer as well as winter! Their insulating properties are amazing. The super-soft alpaca terry lining just keeps your feet HAPPY -a little bounce in your step and a little less weary at day's end is worth a lot.

Truthfully, there isn't anything else in my wardrobe that's been a better bargain than my Extreme Alpaca Socks. Think of it - Sock price $ divided by (7 winters x 3 days a week) Your mileage may vary, but they are a deal!

Customers have worn these socks:
camping in Alaska, winter camping in Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin
mountain climbing summer and winter
hiking everywhere! riding everywhere!
fishing - gotten completely wet & feet stayed warm
hunting - feet stayed warm after hours in blinds, comfortable after miles of walking
working outside jobs every day
working inside in cold places every day, even just in cold offices and homes!
recess duty - think of your child's teacher in a way they'll REALLY thank you for!
sitting around nursing homes
sleeping and watching TV
spinning, weaving, and any hobby you can imagine...
the activity YOU do and would like to enjoy more